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Key Benefits

  •  Provide full service control system development
  •  Extend your in-house engineering capabilities as needed to reduce time to market and lower development costs


Since NEAME started in 1990, we have worked across a wide range of industries to provide control system solutions for automated equipment and consumer products.

System Design

In the early stages of the project we work closely with your mechanical design staff to develop a control system that is well balanced to meet the needs of the automated equipment or consumer product.  Up front design is always better than adding the controls as an after thought. We developed the control system for the Better Bagger.


The Better Packages "Better Bagger".

Click on image for larger view.



Whether the system requires custom hardware, is a mixture of custom and/or off the shelf hardware we perform the detailed system design.

The design may include:

  •  Schematics
  •  Cable drawings
  •  Custom printed circuit boards
  •  Parts list
  •  Cost analysis & design tradeoffs

With Expertise in:

  •  Embedded controllers
  •  PCB based controllers
  •  Programmable Logic Controllers

We handle all the programming requirements to bring your product to life.

Integration & Testing...Let's get it together!

Teamwork between the mechanical and control system engineers makes for a smooth system integration process.


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