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Key Benefits

  • One stop shopping - We provide design through fabrication of PCBs, cable assemblies and electrical panels
  • Extend your in-house engineering capabilities as needed to reduce time to market and lower development costs

Here is an example of our work:

Mail Feeder Controller

Click on image for larger view.



  •  Printed Circuit Board Design: Single or multi layer, through hole and surface mount.
  •  ABEL, CPLD, VHDL Design: Full design, implementation and verification of these devices.
  •  AC Power distribution: Single and three phase power distribution systems meeting US, European and Japanese power requirements.
  •  DC Power Distribution: Linear and switching power supplies.
  •  Motion Control: Pneumatic actuators, DC, AC, Servo, and stepper motors
  •  Sensors: Infrared thorough-beam and reflective sensors, ultrasonic ranging sensors, thermocouples and vacuum monitoring.
  •  Vision: CCD camera and Framegrabber for acquiring images.  Custom image analysis software.
  •  Heating & Cooling: Resistive heating elements, fans and heat exchangers for cooling a control panel.
  •  Embedded Microcontroller: Custom and off the shelf single board computers using the following microprocessors: Microchip microcontrollers, Siemen's microcontrollers, Intel 8051 derivatives.
  •  PC based controller: PC based systems using off the shelf analog and digital input/output circuit boards and custom interface printed circuit boards.
  •  Operator Interface: Pushbutton, LCD, LED Displays, and computer terminal.
  •  Safety Systems: Door interlocks, light curtains, and palm switches.
  •  Packaging: Electrical enclosure/ panel design & layout.
  •  Compliance Engineering: Systems can be designed to meet all national & international regulatory agency requirements.
  •  Documentation: Full schematic documentation, harness drawings and assembly drawings required for production manufacturing.


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