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Here are a few of the projects we have worked on. The intent of this list is to show you the varied nature of work we are capable of doing.

Developed a loft & lie measurement and bending system for a major golf club manufacturer. The system has a PC based controller interfaced to a dual axis servo motor system. A CCD camera and framegrabber are used to measure club orientation in a hydraulically operated bending fixture. Tilt sensors are used to measure the angle of the club hosel with respect to the club face. The operator interfaces with the machine via simple pushbutton controls, bar code reader, and PC monitor. The program keeps track of initial and final club data in a database and maintains the database on another computer via a LAN.

Developed a hosel reaming machine for a major golf club manufacturer. This system has a PLC based controller which controls a dial indexing table and the drill heads (operated by DC drives) which perform the reaming operations on the hosel. Operator interaction is via simple pushbutton switches and indicators. The safety system utilizes light curtains and palm switches. Drill head speed monitoring and drill rate is monitored by a portable system which utilizes an embedded controller. Information is displayed on a LCD display.

Developed an AC Power Distribution Module for a high speed color printer. This module takes 3 phase power and distributes the power to the printer subsystems. RFI line filters, ground fault detectors, circuit breakers, solid state relays, fuses and computer interface were all included in the design. The module was designed to meet US, Canada and European power & safety standards. NEAME did complete mechanical and electrical design of this module.

Developed a belt tensioning and break-in fixture for a high-speed spot color printing system.  This system breaks in and profiles the main drive belt used in the printing system.  The system utilized a PC based control systems running a 32 bit windows application that has the ability to collect belt break-in data and save it to a database for offline analysis.  The database also contain user defined break-in profiles. The application controls belt speed, tension, dynamic tracking, belt temperature and other parameters.

Developed the control system for a paper feeding, transport, image, post process and stacking system. The controller had complete control over the feeder, which can feed documents at a rate of 10 per second, check for double feeds, and deposit the document on a transport. While on the transport, each document was tracked past an optical character reading station, inkjet, image archive stations and up to 18 stacker bins. Document tracking included, missing documents, jams, doubles, and extra documents. Each stacker has its own embedded controller which tracks, stacks, or passes documents along to the next stacker. The main controller and stacker controllers communicated via dual RS-232 channels. A second generation of this product used a 68020 processor single board computer interfaced to 9 stacker modules via a 16 bit parallel data bus. The 68020 also communicated over a VME bus to other processors.

Developed a high speed print registration embedded controller for a major systems supplier to the electronic printing and publishing companies.  This controller is used in a modular sheeter that converts preprinted forms on roll paper into cut sheets.  The controller accurately measures the length of each sheet using printed registration marks and controls the paper advance to cut each sheet to the desired length.

Developed a voltage monitor and microprocessor controlled battery charger for a manufacturer of camera gyro stabilization equipment.

Developed a PLC based control system for a Wire  Harness Winding Machine.   This system controls the winding together of long lengths of stranded wire.

Developed a portable odor delivery system used in an artificial reality system.  As a person walks through a virtual world odors are dispensed in accordance with virtual world events.  This system has an embedded controller that communicates with a host computer via a RF communications link.  A desktop version of this system has applications in the perfuming industry for blending fragrances.

Developed the control system for a machine that does the milling and drilling operations in the production of vacuum belts.  This is a PC based system that utilizes Galil 3 axes servo control hardware. The 32 bit windows application interfaces with a database that contains the milling and drilling parameters for each vacuum belt.

Developed the control system for the Better Bagger  sold by Better Packages.  This machine automatically makes plastic bags of length and width defined by the operator.  The control system features universal power input, an embedded controller, drive circuitry for DC motors, heat seal control, various sensor inputs, LCD display, keypad and external communications interface.     

Developed the control system for the AMD-1 (Automated Measuring Device) sold by Better Packages.  This device increases productivity and quality by automatically measuring the length of a package (i.e. cardboard box), using an ultrasonic sensor, then sends the length via an RS-232 interface to the Better Pack BP555eSA Electronic Tape Dispenser.  The operator can set the amount of tape overlap to add to the length using the keypad.  A LCD displays length information.     

Developed the control system for the automatic photo feeder section of the hp scanjet 5500C scanner sold by Hewlett Packard.  An embedded controller communicates the scanner controller and drives several DC motors to feed a photo from a stack of photos in the infeed tray.  Each photo is scanned then stacked in an output tray.


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